About Me

I was born and grew up in Exeter in Devon. From age 5 I lived with my Mum and my Gran, my father having departed for pastures new. The local Methodist church was always very important in my life. My social life revolved around the church. This meant Brownies, then Guides and leader in the local cubs. Then Sunday school, first as a pupil then later a teacher. The youth club for fun on Friday and the Fellowship group on a Sunday after the service. I followed the clubs bands, The Cobblers and The Friends of Zebedee and participated in drama productions including pantomimes.

Moving to Liverpool to gain my teaching qualifications I made new friends in and around Southport where I lived in a number of student flats. I met and enjoyed the companionship of local art students. I hitch hiked around Britain, Sweden and France as well as taking holidays abroad with my mum to Europe and North Africa.

In 1973 at the end of my first year teaching I married my husband Jim. We have been fortunate to have lived a good life together. Our son Paul was born in 1976 and has continued to bring us both pleasure. Work took up a lot of our life with us both having demanding jobs but we have always had time for the things we enjoy like the theatre, music, travelling and reading. I also became a Catholic and was active in my local church as a member of the parish council, Captain of the Girl Guides and reader in the mass.

Now we are retired we have all the time in the world for our interests. For the past three years we have spent at least six months travelling. We have had long road trips around Spain and Portugal and down into Italy. We have cruised to locations further afield visiting America, Iceland and Russia.

I still read a lot but have also been trying to do some writing. I wrote pantomimes that have been performed by the staff of one of the primary schools for which I was EP. I also wrote and had published the local history fictional story ‘Names on the Wall’ from which the song cycle was derived. I wrote a one act play which won a competition to be performed for two nights at the studio in the Coliseum in Oldham. I am currently writing an historical novel set in the Regency period.

I still love working with children and helping them to learn so I now volunteer at a Primary school one day a week. This is great fun and a delight to see the children making progress.        

Acrobat Reader For those that wish to know more